CCSA’s Issues of Substance Conference

Information for Oral and Workshop Presenters

Thank you for agreeing to present at CCSA’s Issues of Substance 2023 conference taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 20–22, 2023.

Your Presentation

All concurrent sessions are 90 minutes. Please refer to the information sent to you to confirm the format of your presentation, which will be one of the following three formats:

  1. 20-minute oral presentation that will be part of a 90-minute session that includes three 20-minute oral presentations followed by a 30-minute moderated question-and-answer period (conference organizers will designate a moderator) 

  2. 90-minute oral panel presentation

  3. 90-minute interactive workshop

Land Acknowledgements and Disclosure of Funders and Conflicts of Interest

We encourage you to include a land acknowledgement near the beginning of your presentation. You are required to disclose all funders for the work on which you are presenting. You are also required to disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest by including a slide at the beginning of your presentation or workshop that discloses any conflict of interest and explains how you will address this in your presentation or workshop. 

Contact Information

Please include your email address and other contact information in your presentation so that conference delegates know how to contact you to request copies of your presentations. CCSA will not be posting the conference presentations on its website.

Submitting Presentations

You cannot use your own computer during the presentation or workshop. In the coming weeks, you will receive information about how to submit your presentation before the conference. All presentations must be submitted on or before November 10, 2023

PowerPoint is the preferred presentation format, but PDF is acceptable as well. CCSA will preload presentations on laptops with Windows operating systems in the presentation room. You are responsible for bringing a backup copy on a USB device. Changes made after November 10 will not be preloaded on laptops in presentation rooms.

CCSA will not be able to assist with handouts or paper materials that are required for presentations or workshops. It will be the presenter’s responsibility to prepare and print sufficient quantities.
Technical Information

All concurrent sessions will be held in individual rooms, each equipped with a laptop, podium (lectern), microphone and projector with screen. If you require any additional equipment, please indicate your requirements under Additional Requirements on the presentation upload portal page.

Meeting Workshop Objectives

Please ensure that the learning objectives you identified in your abstract are achieved by the end of the workshop. Workshops are designed to engage participants in both thought and action. Please ensure that participants in your workshop have time to practice, explore and discuss the objectives, as appropriate, so they are better equipped to implement their learning when they are back at their place of work.

The final CCSA’s Issues of Substance 2023 conference program and abstract book will be available on the Issues of Substance website by October. We encourage you to bookmark this page and consult it regularly for program updates.

We look forward to your presentation at CCSA’s Issues of Substance 2023!

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