CCSA’s Issues of Substance Conference

Conference Ethics Committee

CCSA’s Issues of Substance 2019 Conference Ethics Committee advises the Planning Committee on ethical considerations for the program and sponsorships, working with all committees as necessary. The Ethics Committee also evaluates applications for conference subsidies based on pre-determined criteria and awards the subsidies. 

The efforts of these individuals make a substantial impact on numerous elements associated with the conference. CCSA would like to thank the members for their contributions.

CCSA’s Issues of Substance 2019 Conference Ethics Committee

Darlene Pinto
Director, Human Resources 
(Chair, Ethics Committee)

Dave Hedlund, BA, MEd
Regina, Saskatchewan

Linda Kongnetiman, BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW
Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary 
Provincial Manager Information and CYFI Standards
Provincial Addiction and Mental Health
Alberta Health Services

Barbara Fornssler, PhD
Adjunct Instructor, School of Public Health 
University of Saskatchewan

Ed Mantler RPN, MSA, CHE
Vice-President, Programs and Priorities 
Mental Health Commission of Canada

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