CCSA’s Issues of Substance Conference

People in Canada’s knowledge about Substance Use Health and associated services in Canada to be presented at CCSA’s Issues of Substance

August 2, 2023

CAPSA (Community Addictions Peer Support Association) and CCSA will host a special lunch presentation during CCSA’s Issues of Substance. The Starting Place: Understanding Systemic Stigma Barriers to Knowledge About Substance Use Health and Associated Services in Canada will present the results of their recent national survey asking about people in Canada’s knowledge about Substance Use Health and associated services in Canada.

From December 2022 to January 2023, CAPSA and CCSA led a national survey of the general population in Canada to help start filling in some of the knowledge gaps on the health supports for people with lived and living experience of substance use and people who have not used substances. The results uncover some fundamental and provocative questions for anyone working and living in the Substance Use Health space going forward. Equally important, the results shows that substance use health is an important and urgent issue to 78% of people living in Canada.

The results will be presented by:

  • Anthony Esposti, Chief Executive Officer, CAPSA
  • Gord Garner, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships, CAPSA
  • Brianne Peters, Research, Impact, and Development Specialist, CAPSA
  • Pam Kent, Director, Research, CCSA 

The presentation (and lunch) will take place Monday, November 20, 12–1:45 p.m., PT.

The full conference program is scheduled to be released later this month. 

Learn more about this presentation.

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