CCSA’s Issues of Substance Conference
Keynote Speaker

Gord Garner (He/Him) vice-president of strategic partnerships CAPSA (Community Addictions Peer Support Association)

Special Presentation

Lunch - The Starting Place: Understanding Systemic Stigma Barriers to Knowledge About Substance Use Health and Associated Services in Canada

Date & Time

Monday, November 20
12:00 - 1:30

Gord Garner is the vice-president of strategic partnerships of CAPSA (Community Addictions Peer Support Association). He is a national public speaker and educator on systemic stigma dedicated to removing systemic stigma barriers. Currently, he is living well with his own substance use disorder. His work with CAPSA enables policy writers, academics, researchers and people with personal experience with substance use health to make systems-level change. He is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of people living in Canada who may have lived or living experience of substance use. Gord advocates for the review of all policies and regulations through the lens of increased life security and substance use health outcomes by using an All People, All Pathways model. All his work is informed by his 38 years of active struggle and by those who helped him. He believes compassion is a practice and he is practising.  

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